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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mid Week post! What the heck??

It's not too often that i get a chance to post more than once or twice these days, even though in my other blogging lives i was a fairly consistent blogger.   I blame this on new-mom-dom.  ;)

So what's the occasion, you ask?

I'm glad you asked.
First of all, i wanted to show you this adorable picture that i took of my oldest son, Chewie, today - out in the snowy backyard....  it only took to the end of March for us to have a nice enough day for him to play outside. 

Mmm, snow!! nom nom nom

I wanna show off my new tangle!  It's pretty fun, if i do say so myself (and i do).

Click to Enlarge
i was playing around with it and showing it to B-rad in it's various forms.... and i kept saying: "If you do it like this it looks like checkerplate... if you do it like this it looks like butterflies and bows!  If you do it like this it looks like cross stitch... this tangle is so Versatile!"

Get it!? haha. yeah, i'm sure you do.
click to enlarge

Annnnyway, this is not an OFFICIAL weekly challenge - more of an experimental mini challenge which, if successful - COULD HAPPEN AT ANY TIME!!!!!!!


but if you'd like to try out this tangle and show me what you've done, here's a little linkey machine pour vous. If there's enough interest, i'll throw together a slideshow.



  1. Gorgeous tangle! [clatter of pens, rustle of paper] But I'm thinking that the "C" in "CZT" may, in actual fact, stand for 'certifiable' [grin]. Mid Week Post! Oh... and that's an awesome photo of Chewie! (Mind you, if he was chewing on bark... do ya think you could get him to chew bark, ah?) [fades out to giggles]

  2. Clearly it has been a long cold winter but finally some sun! One young man at least was making the most of it.

    Versa very apt name, I feel a tangle coming on LOL XOXO Zoe

  3. Enough interest? What?? I'm in!

  4. Beautiful pattern. I'll be trying it soon.

  5. The Hawaiian word pulelehua means butterfly ~ pule means prayer ~ and lehua is a beautiful red flower that grows on the Ohia Tree ~ Prayer Flower ~ This tangle reminds me to send out Whispers of Aloha ~ prayers of love and hope.

  6. Thanks....it is a lovely tangle pattern!

  7. Chewie is living up to his nickname! Too cute! And I really like Versa; I see you're vibing on my sign-off - isn't it great to have a Wednesday that allows a post? *G* Gonna try Versa really soon and I'll linky you to let you know when I do....

  8. Linked! Lovely tangle, Laura it really is "versa" :)

  9. I love Versa, great new tangle! This week it worked out, but I'm not sure I could keep up with a mid-week challenge on a regular basis-LOL. Thanks, Laura!

  10. Love it - thanks for the mid-week mini challenge

  11. Oh I so get where you are coming from… We had some flurries the other morning and Chloe was telling me she was going to get them and eat them. This is a wonderful pattern - I look forward to trying them out!

  12. Lovely pattern, Laura. Yea, a new tangle to tackle!

  13. I love the pattern! The mid-week challenge was fun and a good surprise!

  14. Great new tangle, Laura! I am eager to try it.
    Wish I'd checked in mid-week last week! In fact, I've not been checking in much at all, which is ridiculous. Your challenges are always fascinating and rewarding, whether or not I participate in them. I've not been getting any done in time for the challenges...but the challenge archives are still a wonderful resource, both pactical and inspirational.

  15. Love your tangle Laura! The 3-D effect is great!

  16. Love the tangle.. here's one.. think I will do more.. with it in the future.. thank you..

  17. new to zentangles and am now addicted, love the sharing of how to!

  18. this is my test drive on this blog thing


tangle me some zen, baby!!